CeyFLiX™ Privacy policy

Here are our privacy principles. These are important details which we recommend that you read carefully:

  • Providing information to us is your choiceand enables us to provide you with an improved user experience.
  • You can choose to have the personal information provided by you deleted.
  • You always have the ability to opt-out of receiving communications from the site or apps.
  • By asking us to assist, you consent to the collection and use of the information you provided to us as explained in this document.
1. Introduction

CeyFLiX™(“Our Platform” or “we”or “our”) owned by the Australian company AusflixPty Ltdin compliance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) of Australia (“the Act”),whichregulatesthecollection,storage,quality,useanddisclosureofpersonal informationandsensitiveinformation,sets out in this Privacy Policy Statement how we handle your information fairly, sensitively and securely and explains thatyouaregivencertainrightsin respect of thisinformation.

CeyFLiX™has adopted the National Privacy Principles under the Act as amendedfromtimetotime(“NPP”)andoperatesinaccordancewiththeNPP and needs to be read together with the Terms of Use set out on our website http://www.ceyflix.com

This privacy policy covers the informationwe collect from the user(s) (“user or “you”or “ your”) of http://www.ceyflix.com (“website”) and any associated mobile sites, applications (“Apps”) or the services provided by on the website (as defined in the terms of use of the website –“terms of use”), which services can be used or accessed on the site.

This privacy policy should be read in conjunction and together with the terms of use. Personal information of a user is collected if the user registers with the website, accesses the website or takes any action on the website or uses or accesses the services as defined in the terms of use. The terms ‘personal information’, ‘sensitive personal data’ and ‘information’ shall have the meaning ascribed to it under the applicable laws in Australia. Your use of our services offered on the website is constructed to mean that you consent to our collection, storage, processing and transfer of your personal information or sensitive personal data or information in accordance with this privacy policy and you consent to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

2. Collection of information and use – you acknowledge and agree:
  1. The personal information or sensitive personal data or information which you may provide to the platform and/or which we may collect as part of the information provided is or could be the following: your registration details which may include the name, email address, mobile/contact details, age, gender, password, location, pin code, area code, occupation, provided by youplus your billing, tax registration and other information pertaining to your transactions on the website or related to the services.Further examples of information and activity that we may collect are set out in this clause 2 and 3.
  2. You may in some cases share your debit or credit card details or other bank account details while accessing any services offered on the site on a subscription model.
  3. Your comments or other content that you publicly post or share on the website.
  4. If you access or engage with the website or services associated with the website through a social media service, we may collect your user id or user name, any information you have permitted the social media service to share with us, and any information you have made public with the social media service.
  5. Your usage behaviourof the website or interests, purchasing behaviour, other traceable activities online, on apps and on mobile such as destinations visited, viewed advertisements or content consumed.
  6. Details of the computer system or computer network which you use to visit the website and undertake any activity on the website, such as a unique device identifier including user behaviourfrom web based cookies, session identifiers from device id, commercially available services, data aggregator platforms.
  7. User preferences (e.g., preferred language settings);
  8. Ip address, operating system, browser type, browser version, browser configuration, name of internet service provider, and other types of computer and connection related information relevant to identifying your type of device, connecting to the website, enabling data exchange with you and your device, and ensuring a convenient use of the website;
  9. The uniform resource locator (URL) and ip address of the website from which you accessed, or were directed to, our website, including date and time;
  10. Subpages visited while on our website, links followed on the website, including date and time;
  11. The full URLclickstream to, through and from the website, including date and time;
  12. Service requests and orders placed;
  13. Transaction history, including open and completed transactions;
  14. Search terms entered;
  15. Services/products viewed or searched for on the website;
  16. Shopping cart and payment information;
  17. Credit card information;
  18. Information collected by cookies or similar technologies (as described in the next paragraph);
  19. Newsletter subscriptions, enrollment for promotions, use of special offers, etc.
  20. Consents, authorizations, etc. granted;
  21. Survey answers, reviews, ratings and other types of feedback provided;
  22. Content of any communication sent through the website, including any information posted in social communities on the website or otherwise shared with platform and/or other users, as well as chat messages and chat transcripts;
  23. Information on software downloaded from the website; and
  24. Any other information that you enter on, or upload to, the website (e.g., content that you fill into an online form, a photo that you upload).
  25. Our primary purposes in collecting information including personal information or sensitive personal data or information from you is to allow you to use the website and various features and services on or in relation to the website or any sites contact you for any services provided by the platform or its affiliates or its various service providers or platform business partners and advertisers; to record your information and details as permitted and required under applicable laws, statutory direction or judiciary orders; to serve various promotion materials and advertising materials to you; and such other uses as provided in the terms of use and this privacy policy.

    We may also use the personal information or sensitive personal data or information provided by you or collected by the platform for content recommendations, transactional emails or to provide you with information, direct marketing, online and offline advertising and other materials regarding products, services and other offers from time to time in connection with the platform or its parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies ("platform entities") and its joint ventures.

    We may also collect information or personal information to track user behavior and preferences for internal analytics of all users of the website. we may also use your information: (i) to evaluate your eligibility for certain types of offers, products or services; (ii) to perform analytics and conduct customer research, including general market research or surveying our customers' needs and opinions on specific issues, generating sales and traffic patterns, and to analyze advertising effectiveness, both on an anonymous basis (e.g., by aggregating data) or on an individual basis (if legally permissible);

    Ceyflix may integrate certain third party software development kits (sdks) within the platform to assist in placing advertisements better suited to you and improve the overall user experience. such third party sdk's may directly collect certain personal information from you on the platform, such as user behavior, preferences, account activity, ip address, user's interactions with advertisements and identifiers for advertisers (idfas) and google advertising id (aaid).

    This personal information or sensitive personal data or information is collected through the use of server log files and tracking technologies to collect and analysecertain types of technical information and may include cookies and web beacons. if you do not consent to the use of cookiesand/or device session tracking by the platform. You may at any time adjust your browser settings and/or delete and/or disable the cookies. However, please note that should you choose to delete/ disable the use of cookies or other tracking technologies on your computer, certain sections of the website and/or services provided by the platform may not be available to you or may provide a lesser user experience.

    We may combine your personal information or sensitive personal data or information, other information and information collected from tracking technologies and aggregate it with information collected from other users using our website to attempt to provide you with the services and a better experience on the website.

    You understand, agree and acknowledgethat our collection, storage and processing of your personal information or sensitive personal data or information is for a lawful purpose connected with a function or activity of the platform entities and its joint ventures. YOU HEREBY CONSENT TO THE COLLECTION, STORAGE, USE, DISCLOSURE, TRANSFER, OF THE PERSONAL INFORMATION OR SENSITIVE PERSONAL DATA OR INFORMATION BY PLATFORM FOR THE PURPOSES SET OUT IN THIS PRIVACY POLICY. You further understand, agree and acknowledge that your personal information which is classified as